Ashram 3 web Series Shooting Controversy News

Bajrang Dal opposes Ashram 3 web series Directed By Prakash Jha

Ashram 3 web Series Shooting – Members of the Bajrang Dal were accused of breaking into the director’s set during the shooting on Sunday night. Many on social media are supporting, claiming that directors who are always silent have the courage to hurt Hindu and Indian culture.


Ashram 3 web Series Shooting Controversy News

After Ashram 1 and 2, it is the turn of season 3 of ‘Ashram’. His shooting was going on in Bhopal. A group of miscreants attacked there on Sunday night. They are all known to be members of the Bajrang Dal. Witnesses said, “I want Bobby Deol.” One of the crew was then severely beaten with a light stand. When Prakash Jha himself came out to understand the situation after receiving the news of the unrest, ink was sprinkled on his face. During the riots, the miscreants kept chanting slogans – ‘Prakash Jha Murdabad / Bobby Deol Murdabad / Joy Sriram’. It is also learned that the attackers repeatedly pressured director Jha to change the name of the series. According to sources, he has promised to change the name.


Ashram 3 web Series Shooting Controversy News

This is not the first time. After the series was released last year, a lawyer filed a case against Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol in a Jodhpur court alleging that they hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. Legal notices were also sent to them in this regard.

Many viewers think that the character ‘Baba Nirala’ has been portrayed in the style of self-proclaimed religious guru Gurmit Ram Rahim. And these issues hurt the sentiments of Hinduism – the series was at the top of the controversy surrounding this allegation.

The Story Ashram Web Series 

Ashram 3 web Series Shooting Controversy News


Plot. The story revolves around a Baba ( dominie), played by Bobby Deol, known as’Baba Nirala.’whose followers have eyeless faith in him and will do anything that he asks of them. But Baba Nirala is a conman, who ensures that his addicts devote their wealth to him and stay attached to the Aashram for life.

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Casting  Details 

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