why Aryan Khan bail application rejected buy Court ?

No drugs were found from Shah Rukh’s son, the court did not accept this theory.

Aryan Khan bail application News – After the Magistrate’s Court, the Sessions Court also rejected Aryan Khan’s bail application, which naturally came as a big shock to Shah Rukh Khan’s family. The magistrate’s court had rejected Aryan’s bail application on the ground of admissibility, but the sessions court had initially denied Aryan Khan’s bail after analyzing the NCB’s documents. Shah Rukh fans have termed the verdict as ‘cruel’, while Hansal Mehta and Rahul Dholakia are also protesting on behalf of Bollywood. But why did Sessions Court Judge VV Patil reject Aryan Khan’s bail?

In a detailed transcript of the verdict, the judge said the initial evidence clearly showed that Aryan Khan had regular contact with people involved in the illicit drug trade. Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat with drug traffickers and drug lords is considered as a criminal element.

why Aryan Khan bail application rejected buy Court ?

Aryan Khan did not have any drugs, the court did not accept the clearance of Shah Rukh’s son’s lawyers. The court accepted the documents of NCB lawyer ASG Anil Singh. The court said Aryan knew that Arbaaz Merchant had banned drugs. The village used both Charas Arbaaz and Aryan together, so although it was not rescued directly from Aryan, it was indirectly in the custody of both.

After the Magistrate’s Court, the Sessions Court also rejected

Aryan Khan bail application – The Sessions Court further said that Aryan Khan, who was regularly involved in illegal drug-related activities, also brought forward Shah Rukh’s son’s WhatsApp chat. Therefore, the court does not see Aryan’s presence in the pleasure boat as an isolated incident. And the court does not see any guarantee that he will not commit such a crime again if he is released on bail, which is why the court rejected Aryan’s bail application.

why Aryan Khan bail application rejected buy Court ?

On the other hand, Shah Rukh’s son’s lawyers approached the Bombay High Court for bail after he was pushed to the Sessions Court. Satish Manishinde and Amit Desai appeared before the single bench of Justice Nitin Sambar for mentioning Aryan’s bail application, but the judge did not accept it. Aryan’s bail application will be mentioned to the court tomorrow (Thursday) at 10.30 am. If accepted, the High Court will give a specific date for hearing the application later. The court proceedings will be closed for several days for the upcoming Diwali holidays, raising concerns among the Khan family.

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